Makeup stool | Top 5 hottest makeup stools 2020

Trends when choosing makeup stools

Stool Widely used in home furniture besides other living room sofa models. In particular, today it is also known as a chair that comes with a dressing table in the bedroom interior. Dressing table chairs are available in many different sizes and designs, so you can choose the right chair for your room.

With its compact design and special functions, the sofa is known and used a lot in bedrooms, where the dressing table creates a unique feature for your space.

Cover material

There are 2 main materials: leather and fabric

  • With leather material, there is simili leather: is a type of artificial leather derived from an industrial product, they combine from synthetic fibers to create a distinctive feature that distinguishes real leather from imitation leather. Artificial leather will burn when burned.
  • With fabric, there are felt fabrics that have the following advantages:
    - Soft, smooth and warm
    - Various colors
    - Low price

The main structure of the chair

Size 40x40x40 cm (Can choose other sizes suitable for each type of pedestal)
Frames Treated, anti-termite wood
Foam mattress D40 has high durability
Material Simili leather (industrial leather) or felt fabric
Cấu tạo của ghế đôn
                                      Structure of the ottoman

Top 5 models of makeup stools 


Ghế đôn tròn bọc da
                          Round pedestal chair upholstered in leather
  • Dimensions: 40x40x40 cm
  • Material: Simili leather
  • Color: gray, white, black…
  • Price: 900,000 VND
  • Style: Round
  • Modern design with definitive lines, flexible and very fashionable.
  • Inspired by customer requirements GOT created a very unique and dynamic design. The leather-wrapped round bar uses definitive, strong lines. Products with elegant, harmonious colors will make your living room more luxurious and sophisticated.
    Ghế đôn tròn hình trụ
                                        Cylindrical pedestal chair
  • Dimensions: 40x40x40 cm
  • Material: Simili leather
  • Color: white gray
  • Price: 900,000 VND
  • Shape: Cylindrical round
  • Cylindrical pedestal line of GOT always recognized as a masterpiece. Nordic style sofa, perfectly balanced on all sides, sturdy yet incredibly comfortable, smooth and inviting. With just one cylindrical sofa, you can easily elevate any room in style.
Ghế đôn tròn bọc vảiFabric upholstered ottoman
  • Dimensions: 40x40x40 cm
  • Material: Felt fabric
  • Pink
  • Price: 900,000 VND
  • Style: Round
  • Design is calculated height, sitting area accurately.


Ghế đôn tròn bọc vải chân sắt
                            Round pedestal upholstered with iron legs
  • Size: 40x40x30 cm
  • Material: Felt fabric
  • Color: gray
  • Price: 750,000 VND
  • Style: Round iron legs
  • Compact design, hugging next to the seat creates a feeling of comfort and enjoyment. Made from felt fabric. In addition, the chair has 4 PU-plated iron legs. This chair style is very suitable for compact spaces, luxurious spaces. Even a relaxing corner in the bedroom, spa room, restaurant, hotel,…
    Ghế đôn tròn bọc vải rút nút
                        Round ottoman upholstered with button-down fabric vải
  • Dimensions: 40x40x40 cm
  • Material: Felt fabric
  • Color: Light green
  • Price: 1,050,000 VND
  • Style: Round button-down Đôn
  • Soft fabric cover, soft foam mattress brings the most comfortable feeling when using. With a unique button-down design, it creates a high-class sofa.
  • The button-down sofa can be used in the family living room, relaxing sofa in the bedroom, reading room or as a waiting chair to decorate the salon - restaurant - hotel... or replace the sofa table.


With the right size, compact design and beautiful colors and materials, the ottoman is suitable for dressing tables to replace conventional chairs. The chairs that come with the dressing table are often very simple, may not be what you want or even cause pain when sitting. Therefore, making a sofa for a dressing table is a suitable choice when you can choose the size that fits you, choose the colors and materials that you like.


Currently on the market there are many units that provide dressing tables with seats, but to get the most satisfaction, buying a makeup stool is still the most perfect choice. Come to GOT, customers will easily choose for themselves the most suitable makeup stools, because we specialize in manufacturing on request, so all wishes in terms of color, material and size are fully met. most enough.

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